Chant lyrique (opus 69) pour saxophone alto mi bémol avec accompagnement piano


Chamber Music


February 6, 1932


Piano, Alto Saxophone, Alto Saxophone



Manuscript Status

Alain Decruck Collection [BOX 5]


Dédié à François Combelle


Chant Lyrique op. 69 for saxophone and piano was finished on February 6, 1932. It was composed for François Combelle, solo saxophonist of the Garde Républicaine. Chant Lyrique was so popular, that Decruck created multiple versions. The work was significant as it marked the first time a female composer’s composition entered into the repertoire of the Garde Républicaine. Chant Lyrique was used for many years as an audition piece for the Garde Républicaine. It was such a successful piece that Decruck orchestrated it for Marcel Mule. On March 9, 1938, Mule performed it at the Toulouse Conservatory where Decruck was a faculty member. In addition, Pierre Dupont transcribed it for the Garde Républicaine and Decruck revisited the work in the late 1940's, orchestrating it for piano and wind quintet. Decruck subsequently wrote 5 more works for saxophone and piano titled Chant Lyrique. Currently, the 2nd, 4th and 6th are lost as are the versions for orchestra and the Garde Républicaine. The three existing versions for saxophone have been recorded by Jean-Pierre Baraglioli. The sextet version was recorded and is available on the recording titled Reeds Amis. 

This work is available through Éditions Billaudot and its distributors.