Les clochers de Vienne : Suite de Valses


Orchestral Music




Orchestra, Orchestra

Orchestral Instrumentation

1+1.1+1.2.1 2210 T Batterie, Glock, Vibes, Cel, Hp Str



Manuscript Status

{arts Portugese Radio Orchestra and Partal AD


Brielh-Decruck published Les clochers de Vienne (“The Bells of Vienna”) in 1935, and it was performed in several concerts and live broadcasts from around that time. The music of this relatively early work by Decruck is bright and lively. The piece is unique in its pioneering inclusion of the vibraphone, an instrument that only became widely available in the previous decade.

Aubin had to do some detective work to bring the Les clochers de Vienne to light. As he related to me:

"I originally thought that it was lost. The family only had four of the five string parts. I found the parts and score to almost all of the composition in a music library at a Portuguese radio station. The people there scanned and emailed it to me, but three of the parts were missing. Another friend helped locate the missing parts in a conservatory library in Tours, France, and sent to me.”

Credit: Bruce Brown