Suite renaissance pour trompette et orgue ou piano


Chamber Music


July 23, 1948


Fontainebleau, France


Organ, Piano, Trumpet, Trumpet

Manuscript Status

Alain Decruck Collection [Box 6]


Dédiée à Roger Voisin de la Boston Symphony Orchestra


Version 1 in E Movements (Marblehead January 15, 1948)

1- Andantino espressivo

2- Moderato dans le style d'un Aria

3- Allegro moderato (dans le style d'un Rigaudon)

4- Andantino molto espressivo, dans le style d'une Cantilène

5- Moderato allegro con brio

Version 2 in D Movements (Fontainebleau July 28, 1948)

1- Modéré (dans le style d'un Aria)

2- Modéré, Souple et gracieux

3- Andantino cantabile

4- Moderato con ritmo

5- Moderato di Fuga

2 versions, possibly 3 exist. Missing version is for chamber orchestra of 1111 1100 Hp str 5tet. This version is lost.

  • Letter to Michel (son): Marblehead, March 19, 1948

"Sunday the 21st I am going to play at the Rushfords my Poême Héroïque, trumpet version alone, with dear Roger Voisin, who is the friendliest and also the most perfect trumpet player I have met during my career. He picks me up and drives me home in his superb car. He will soon play my suite for trumpet and organ with Power Biggs."